Reunion Survey

Future Reunion Survey

We need your input for future class reunions.  Please help us make each class reunion better than the last.  Fill out your answers to the questions listed below to give us your suggestions for future reunions.

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1)   When should we have the next class reunion?

  30 year
  35 year
2)   What season should we have the next reunion?

3)   Where should the reunion be held?

  Private room in a bar
  Hotel banquet room
4)   Include an informal bar night on the night before the formal reunion?

yes no
5)   Include a family event during the day?

yes no
6)   What kind of family event should there be?

  Family Picnic at Patrarch Park (like the 20 year reunion)
  Family Brunch (could be a pancake brunch at the High School)
  Day at the Beach (Lake Lansing)
7)   How should we dress?

  Formal (black tie)
  Semi-formal (coat & tie)
8)   Would you prefer a formal dinner (at a higher ticket price) or a buffet?

  Formal dinner (like at a wedding reception)
  Hors d'oeuvres and appitizers only
9)   How much are you willing to pay for tickets?

  >$150 (but it better be good)
10)   Should there be a theme such as a "Prom" dance or just casual?

  "Prom" dance
11)   What kinds of class merchandise would you be interested in (choose all that apply)?

  DVD slideshow
  Bound Yearbook (with current pictures)
  Alumni Directory
  Memory Book with profile information for everyone in the class
  T-Shirts and other ELHS memorabilia
12)   So you checked everything... Fine, but are you willing to help? Please list you name IF you are willing to help with the reunion and in what area you feel you would be most helpful.

13)   What aspects of past reunions did you think worked well?

14)   What aspects of past reunions would you change or do differently for future reunions?