Reunion Committee

This website and all of the reunion planning is managed exclusively by your fellow classmates on a strictly volunteer basis.  The reunion committee is basically comprised of those classmates that were willing to step up and volunteer their time and skills to make the reunion and website happen.  WE ARE NOT EXCLUSIVE.  In fact, we need your help.  Putting on a reunion, finding all of our lost classmates, and maintaining this website, is time consuming, but the rewards of helping to get old friends together for a successful reunion are worth it. 

Our current reunion committee includes the following classmates:

Laura Coens Allen (Chairwoman of the 30 year reunion)

Nicole Glaizer Brillantes

Lesley Rigel Robinson 

Aliza Haneline Hutchison 

Dan Roper (Website administrator)

Jennifer Forsyth Pinto

Steve Kovach

Jon Martin

Suzy Hall

Jevelyn Bonner-Reed



You have skills, we need them!  If you are interested in helping please contact Laura, Nicole or Dan.  We need someone to be in charge of photography for the reunion, we need help creating a new slideshow with new and old pictures for the reunion, we need help creating a “Where Are They Now” yearbook, and we need help creating phone directories and memorabilia for the reunion.  But most importantly we need help finding lost classmates.  Please join us if you can!


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