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07/07/08 01:40 PM #4    

Heather Hughes (Howe)

This may be too late, but has anyone checked into us getting a tour of the H.S.? My brother's class did it 2 years ago and he said it was amazing all the changes that have happened.

Just curious,


07/08/08 03:17 PM #5    

Micheael Sunderman

OK, talked with the HS about a tour. Nobody has asked yet. Very common request, but uncommon to ask so late. They are scrambling to see who they can find to open it up to us. I will provide more details later, but it would be sometime on Saturday. I will request late morning, or after the picnic.

more later

07/08/08 10:13 PM #6    

Judy Bass

For those of us poor souls who can't get to East Lansing for the festivities (including the tour) can you all take pics and post them afterwards?

Sorry to miss it.

07/08/08 11:48 PM #7    


Paraj Mandrekar

Amen to Sister Judy's request. I wish I could come as well. Perhaps the link to the 20 Year Reunion could go to some images of the event?



07/09/08 11:17 AM #8    

Micheael Sunderman

No go on the HS tour. Unfortunately too late of notice. They are waxing the floors, so all class-room furniture is in the halls, plus there are no department heads available to show us around. Sorry all. Worth a drive by, looks very nice.

07/09/08 01:39 PM #9    

Micheael Sunderman

If you want to gather Friday night, Doublin Square in downtown EL will have it's back bar open. Many people are planning to come for after dinner drinks around 9pm. Stop by!

Doublin Square 327 Abbott Rd (where the old Evergreen Grill was, before that it was The Pantry)

07/09/08 07:18 PM #10    

Claire Stockmeyer (Shaughnessy)

Unless the jet-lag gets the better of us, we'll be there Friday night. It's a no-brainer, since I married an Irishman. Thanks for setting it up.

07/09/08 10:16 PM #11    

Heather Hughes (Howe)

Thanks for trying Mike. I too will try to be there Friday night.


07/09/08 10:34 PM #12    

Gina Russell (Henig)

Hi All

I am so bummed that my family will be leaving for our week's vacation on the morning of the 11th. I really hate to miss the reunion since I haven't been to one. Maybe we could do a 25 year one

Thanks Dan for setting up this site. What a great way to reconnect with friends and see pictures of their families.

Have a great time everyone and best wishes!!

07/11/08 06:34 PM #13    

Deanna D'Alfonso (Fontaine)

Hey Every1!

Have a terrific time at the reunion. I am sorry to miss it. I loved looking at everyone's posts and am so proud of everyone and their offspring. Way to Breed EL '88!

If any of you find your way to Vail/Beaver Creek this winter, give me a shout. Would love to take a few turns with you...I have run into so many EL'ers on the slopes, that I have lost track.

All the best and thanks to Dan for all the time you have dedicated to orchestrating this incredible event.

07/11/08 11:28 PM #14    

Mark Redfearn

Anyone up for a tour of the exterior of the building? It may not have the same feel, but it would be a tour of the high school.

See you there.


07/14/08 08:31 AM #15    

Daniel Roper

It was great seeing you all during the reunion. I had an awesome time! I am curently working on adding content from the reunion. Thanks to help from Michael Sunderman I will be adding senior pictures to everyone's profile (some already are uploaded). I am also working of uploading all my pictures to KodakGallery but may change to instead (more to come on that). I will add tabs for old photos and a tab for new (current) photos, and the 20 year reunion tab will have pictures from the reunion and a summary of the event and Mock Awards winnners.

Enyoy the site, Send comments, suggestions and corrections to me... If you want to post information on the site you can send it to me also.

Dan Roper

07/14/08 09:11 AM #16    

Tracey Grunwald (Seyffert)

Sorry I missed this past weekend! I was ready to go but the horse show ran late then hay came. UGH! No mood to do anything after helping with hay and mine hasn't even come yet. (Anyone want to help?) I hope all of you had a great time. I would like to hear from Leslie F and Kristen P. Please email or go to facebook!


07/14/08 10:39 AM #17    


Paraj Mandrekar

Well, I decided to go to the Reunion at the last minute and had a fabulous time seeing everyone after so long. I'm looking forward to any pictures that come out.

I would also like to propose a big (virtual) round of applause for the organizers and the people that made the event a big success.

Nicole Brillantes, Dan Roper, and I think that Michael Sundermann were all involved in aspects of organizing and photography. I hope I'm not leaving anyone out. Nice job on the event!

Thank you all for coordinating and planning such a wonderful event.

::Clap!:: ::Clap!:: ::Clap!:: ::Clap!::



07/14/08 05:20 PM #18    

Micheael Sunderman

Oh man. Is anyone else hoarse? I usually just scream at my kids, not about my kids. That band was sweet, but I think my voice may never be the same.

Yes, thanks to all who helped. But I gotta say, since I never left EL, thanks to all of you who traveled far just to be there. You helped make it great.


07/15/08 07:19 PM #19    

Jennifer Fitzgerald

Dan, Nicole, and Mike, thank you for all your hard work--the evening was a huge success. It was so good to see everyone again. Can't wait 'til the 30.

07/16/08 03:47 PM #20    

Joshua Fershee (Fershee)

Sorry we missed what sounded like a great time, but we had a new baby on the way. In fact, we are thrilled to announce that our son, Holden, now has a baby sister:

Tessa Milloy Huard Fershee
8 lbs. 6.4 ozs.
21 inches
July 16, 2008, 7:41 a.m.

Mom and baby are doing great.


07/19/08 05:04 PM #21    

Daniel Roper

Senior Pictures have now been added to everyone's profile. Check them out!

I also noticed that several people have put in generic info for their address (like state only) or for their phone number (like listing their email address in the phone field). Please remember that you can hide your address so people cannot see it by choosing that option. I would encourage everyone to include their correct contact information and keep it up-to-date even if you choose to "hide" the information. This contact list is how we will be contacting you for future reunions and class activities and you don't want to be left out... The information you submit is completely private. It is limited to our class only (you need to be a classmate and signed in to view the profile pages). The information is NEVER sent to any third party for spam or advertising.

08/06/08 07:59 PM #22    

Daniel Roper

I added a Chat Room to the website. Check it out. I also revised the reunion slideshows so they are a bit more fancy. Most importantly, I added a "25 Year Survey" page. Please check that out and leave your input as to what you would like us to do for the next reunion as well as what you thought worked and didn't work for the last reunion. This is also the place to let us know if you want to help with the next reunion.

08/11/08 10:20 AM #23    

Tye Nordberg

The reunion was great, thanks a bunch Nicole, Dan and Mike for pulling together a great event and website, etc...

08/18/08 03:17 PM #24    

Dave Honhart

Pretty impressive website! Great job guys. Hoping to make the next reunion.


02/28/13 11:56 PM #25    

Suzy Hall

Hey Everyone

New to this 'forum' but I'm planning on making a trip from Alaska for our 25th.  Look forward to it!

SQ :-)

07/02/13 05:58 PM #26    


Paraj Mandrekar

Suzy.  Glad you made the trip.  It was great to see everyone.  The gathering was fantastic, as it was 5 years ago, and it was nice to see everyone in attendance.  Over the next few years, everyone stay in touch.  Those of you who are connected to me through facebook know that I keep even my random thoughts and observations out there, along with pictures of what we're up to.  I'm also on Linkedin.  Best,  -Paraj

07/02/13 09:51 PM #27    

Thomas Fabian

Paraj Thanks for breaking the ice on the 25th reunion. 

Great party good job and credit to everyone who planned the event. Can we do it again this weekend? Ill be at dooleys on Friday and Saturday. 


06/13/23 11:27 AM #28    

Ceora Hoxsey (Derow)

Hey Classmates -

I missed the last two or three reunions. I now live in Cleveland so travel is easy. I plan to attend all three events. Staying at the Graduate Friday and Saturday evening. Hugs all and hope to see you!

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