Yearbook "Then and Now"

ELHS Class Reunion PICTURE Project

It’s been 25 years since we graduated from East Lansing High School in 1988.  What have you been up to?  We would love to gather pictures of the graduating class of 1988 for all to enjoy.  We hope to create a compilation of pictures from our graduating class spanning the last 25 years, but we need your help!  We need EVERYONE to submit your pictures, past and present, as well as pictures of your family to this central web site.  Get you’re your old yearbooks and picture albums out and scan your old photos.  Use your newer digital pictures too.  If you don’t have a scanner you can go to any digital photo center such as Wal-Mart or Target and scan your pictures there and then have the center burn you a CD-ROM of your pictures.  We hope to gather all of these pictures at one site for all to enjoy.  Only classmates will have access.  Classmates can copy (download) the images to have as their own, or buy prints directly from the site.  We will also use the pictures to make a slideshow to be shown at our reunion.  We may even try to make a “Then and Now” yearbook that classmates could purchase from the site.  We need your help!  If you don’t upload pictures of yourself you obviously won’t be included. 

The website is a shared group hosted by  The website is:

This is a member’s only shared site.  Everyone that had a valid email address on this website as of 5/10/2013 has already been added to the member list and you should have gotten an email notifying you that you were added to the group.  If you are not already on the member list, contact Dan Roper at and I will add you to the member list. 




So here’s what to do…

  1. Login to with the email you used on the website or simply link to the site from the email you received.
  2. Play around.  Look at all of the pictures already added.  Laugh at what you looked like in the 80’s.  Add captions to pictures already uploaded.
  3. Upload your own photos. Great pictures to post would include you with your family, you with other ELHS students/friends, and your personal pictures from high school that never made it into the high school yearbook.  How about those pictures from spring break 1988?  Add whatever you want other people to see.  You can add your old high school photos to the “Back in the Day” album and your more recent photos to the “Where are they Now” album.
  4. Download pictures of yourself others have uploaded, or buy prints directly from the site (if you want).
  5. After the 25th reunion, upload your pictures from that event for others to see and share.

We will ALL have access to this site and we will all be able to add or remove content and add captions to each photo.  We hope to then use the pictures that everyone adds to create a bound photo book that people can buy and we will make a video slideshow to play at the 25-year reunion.  After the reunion, keep adding to the site and we will include pictures from the reunion.  To make this a work we need to have everyone participate TODAY.  Don’t be left out!  This project depends on each of us to contribute to be a success. 

Take a look through our yearbook!

Please note that no person is actually making any money on these projects.

This is the only way I could think of that is completely without overhead and free to all users.


Lastly, be respectful of this account. Do not post pictures that you think would offend your classmates.

Enjoy the memories, add pictures, do it TODAY!